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It is one of the books that will help me on my Ph. By Steep on Aug 31, I've used this book through a course in radio communications at my university. I think the book is good for exactly what the title suggests - giving a basic insight to many principles and practice in the field. It describes and derives some formulas etc. The book is very much text-based, explaining principles instead of being very mathematically built.

It works fine for instance when explaining the ground reflection two-ray model, but not so good when explaining the GSM codec. By Andreas Antoniou on Oct 09, It is an excellent book.

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You can find anything about wireless communications easily and clearly. I would recommend it to anyone interested in this field. By Tom on Feb 24, I have to use this textbook, because it's the requirement form my instructor. All equations are not well explained Sometime the students need to guess where this variable stands for or what parameter's meaning is.

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He wrote like the literature or drama By Cliff on Feb 13, This is a great book for wireless communication engineers and practitioners. This book was highly recommended to me, I also highly recommend it. By Jbleftwich on Nov 25, This book was somewhat helpful as an additional resource to me required textbook.

I would only recommend in that regards. A Customer on Dec 01, This text is by far the most comprehensive and useful for explaining all facets of wireless communications. I had this text for an entry graduate class, and found the examples, writing style, and organization to be first rate. This text will continue to get good use on my bookshelf. It also has a very thorough index and appendices with many tables, formulas, explanations, and useful engineering matter that I seldom have ever found under one cover before.

Great for students and practicing wireless engineers. A Customer on Aug 22, I am a university student and recently took a course in which the required readings were taken from this text. I, along with many of my peers, found this book to be very useful, as well as well organized and easy to follow. It presented many key ideas clearly and was an excellent introduction to the topic of wireless communications. Wireless Communications : Principles and Practice. Theodore S. As cellular telephones become commonplace business tools, interest in wireless technology is booming.

Reflection 4. Reflection from Dielectrics 4. Brewster Angle 4. Reflection from Perfect Conductors 4. Ground Reflection Two-Ray Model 4. Diffraction 4.

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Fresnel Zone Geometry 4. Knife-edge Diffraction Model 4. Multiple Knife-edge Diffraction 4. Scattering 4. Radar Cross Section Model 4. Log-distance Path Loss Model 4. Log-normal Shadowing 4. Determination of Percentage of Coverage Area 4. Outdoor Propagation Models 4. Longley—Rice Model 4. Okumura Model 4. Hata Model 4.

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Walfisch and Bertoni Model 4. Indoor Propagation Models 4. Partition Losses same floor 4. Partition Losses between Floors 4. Ericsson Multiple Breakpoint Model 4.

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  • Attenuation Factor Model 4. Signal Penetration into Buildings 4. Ray Tracing and Site Specific Modeling 4. Problems 5. Small-Scale Multipath Propagation 5. Factors Influencing Small-Scale Fading 5. Doppler Shift 5. Impulse Response Model of a Multipath Channel 5. Relationship Between Bandwidth and Received Power 5.

    Small-Scale Multipath Measurements 5. Direct RF Pulse System 5. Frequency Domain Channel Sounding 5. Parameters of Mobile Multipath Channels 5. Time Dispersion Parameters 5. Coherence Bandwidth 5. Doppler Spread and Coherence Time 5. Types of Small-Scale Fading 5. Flat fading 5. Frequency Selective Fading 5. Fading Effects Due to Doppler Spread 5.

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    Fast Fading 5. Slow Fading 5. Rayleigh and Ricean Distributions 5. Rayleigh Fading Distribution 5. Ricean Fading Distribution 5. Statistical Models for Multipath Fading Channels 5. Simulation of Clarke and Gans Fading Model 5. Level Crossing and Fading Statistics 5. Two-ray Rayleigh Fading Model 5. Saleh and Valenzuela Indoor Statistical Model 5. Introduction to Shape Factors 5. Comparison to Omnidirectional Propagation 5.

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    Examples of Fading Behavior 5. Sector Channel Model 5. Double Sector Channel Model 5. Ricean Channel Model 5. Spatial Autocovariance 5. Coherence Distance 5. Applying Shape Factors to Wideband Channels 5. Summary 5.

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    Problems 6. Modulation Techniques for Mobile Radio 6. Frequency Modulation vs. Amplitude Modulation 6. Single Sideband AM 6. Pilot Tone SSB 6. Demodulation of AM signals 6. Angle Modulation 6.

    Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition

    Spectra and Bandwidth of FM Signals 6. Digital Modulation—an Overview 6. Line Coding 6. Pulse Shaping Techniques 6. Raised Cosine Rolloff Filter 6. Gaussian Pulse-Shaping Filter 6. Geometric Representation of Modulation Signals 6. Linear Modulation Techniques 6. Offset QPSK 6. Constant Envelope Modulation 6. Spread Spectrum Modulation Techniques 6. Pseudo-Noise PN Sequences 6. Performance of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum 6. Performance of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum 6. Modulation Performance in Fading and Multipath Channels 6.

    Problems 7. Equalization, Diversity, and Channel Coding 7. Introduction 7. Fundamentals of Equalization 7. Training A Generic Adaptive Equalizer 7. Equalizers in a Communications Receiver 7. Survey of Equalization Techniques 7. Linear Equalizers 7. Nonlinear Equalization 7.