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NOTE: An isa option is required when using the regexp option format. This is so that we can determine at compile time the method list from the class. Without an isa this is just not possible. This takes a code reference, which should expect two arguments. The first is the attribute meta-object this handles is attached to.

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The second is the metaclass of the class being delegated to. It expects you to return a hash not a HASH ref of the methods you want mapped. In this case, we are basically taking the attribute which the role supplied and altering it within the bounds of this feature. Aside from where the attributes come from one from superclass, the other from a role , this feature works exactly the same.

This feature is restricted somewhat, so as to try and force at least some sanity into it. You are only allowed to change the following attributes:.


It is recommended that you use this freedom with caution. We used to only allow for extension only if the type was a subtype of the parent's type, but we felt that was too restrictive and is better left as a policy descision. Moose offers a way to remove the keywords it exports, through the unimport method. You simply have to say no Moose at the bottom of your code for this to work. Here is an example:.

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Moose also offers some options for extending or embedding it into your own framework. The basic premise is to have something that sets up your class' metaclass and export the moose declarators has , with , extends , Moose does some boot strapping: it creates a metaclass object for your class, and then injects a meta accessor into your class to retrieve it. Then it sets your baseclass to Moose::Object or the value you pass in unless you already have one. The reason for this is that super is only valid within a method with the override modifier, and inner will never be valid within an override method.

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Has anyone done this? I always thought that Perl was supposed to be a great glue landuage for embedding and extending, but man if it isn't a bitch to do, and not to mention the documentation is not good to say the least. Problem I'm having is getting to the point where I can use modules, other stuff works fine. From the man page: Your interpreter doesn't know how to communicate with these extensions on its own. A little glue will help.

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Let's take a look some pieces of perlmain. C doesn't do this by nature. Returning a single basic type.

Best of Both Worlds: Embedding Perl in C

Well, it's still ugly It's C If you're building a structure that will immediately get passed back, build it with Perl's containers. Use basic C data types in tight loops or for non-Perl portability. An aside: Duff's Device: A loop If no better algorithm is available, you must trim cycles. Otherwise, a simple array. O n log log n time complexity, A pure function that lends itself well to computational benchmarking. Off to the races Benchmark at 2, and 1,, for 10 seconds each. Comparison time: 10 seconds.

Evolution of libperl-- (Gource Visualization)

Building on the strengths of each language in complex ways. Perl's power tools. The making of My::Module with an Inline::C dependency. Contributors code, FAIL-test-systems, etc. CPR — Just for fun Expose C functions to the TAP harness. Since you can use each from the other, just combine their strengths as you see fit. And tell the dragons we said "Hi.

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