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He retired in but remained academically active in different ways for many years thereafter. After obtaining his Ph. As a researcher, lecturer and author he has been active in the fields of English and general linguistics, contrastive and applied linguistics , sociolinguistics , language policy and planning , language in relation to identity, culture, ethnicity and nationalism, language attitudes, written language and literacy, terminology and bibliography, translation theory, history of linguistics, the status of Serbo-Croatian , [1] political manipulations of language and wartime hate speech, current Serbian slang, etc.

He is the author of some twenty books, ten edited volumes, and scores of articles, book chapters and reviews in international journals, congress proceedings and other collective volumes, mostly in English or Serbo-Croatian but some in German, French, Spanish and several other languages. For a selective list see below. Among his noted contributions are his early research on English prepositions, acknowledged as a thematic and methodological precursor of cognitive linguistics , his notion of graphic relativity as an extension of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis of linguistic relativity, his role in defining and organising applied linguistics as an academic discipline in Yugoslavia and internationally, the conception of Serbo-Croatian as one polycentric standard language linguistically but several national languages politically, and his recent pioneering work on lexical blends in Serbian.

He has participated in several dozen Yugoslav, European and world congresses, symposia and other conferences, often also as an organiser or invited plenary speaker. He was the academic organiser of two international conferences at the University of London and editor with Celia Hawkesworth of their proceedings: Language Planning in Yugoslavia Columbus, OH: Slavica, He has edited scholarly journals and, as translator and editor, introduced to the Yugoslav public the works of some leading linguists Chomsky , Sapir , Whorf and modern linguistic disciplines transformational-generative grammar , sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics.

At the same time, he has kept international audiences informed about the changing language situation in Yugoslavia and its successor states, with a special focus on the official dissolution of Serbo-Croatian. Klikovac, K. This set was followed by nine further books, all except the last on the list published by Biblioteka XX vek of Belgrade:.

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The three festschrifts all contain information on the life and work of Ranko Bugarski. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ranko Bugarski.

Language Policy and Language Planning

Sarajevo , Yugoslavia now Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the interrelatedness of grammar and lexis in the structure of English. Lingua , , — Symmetry and asymmetry in prepositional systems. Writing systems and phonological insights. University of Chicago: Department of Linguistics, , — A system of English prepositions and their Serbo-Croatian equivalents. Reports 8, , 3— The object of linguistics in historical perspective. The interdisciplinary relevance of folk linguistics. In: Progress in Linguistic Historiography ed.

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Some thoughts on the structure and applications of linguistics. Nickel, D. Nehls , Heidelberg: Julius Groos, , 22— Sociolinguistic issues in standardizing linguistic terminology. Language in Society , , 65— Sociolinguistics and language universals. Studia Linguistica , , 1—8. Language universals and linguistic relativity. Acta Linguistica Hafniensia , , 45— Translation across cultures: Some problems with terminologies. In: Scientific and Humanistic Dimensions of Language. Festschrift for Robert Lado ed.

Language planning in Yugoslavia.

Language Policy and Language Planning

Applied linguistics as linguistics applied. Multilingualism and markedness in language use: The Yugoslav case. Grazer Linguistische Studien 28, , 5— Soziolinguistische Aspekte der heutigen serbokroatischen Standardsprache. Die Welt der Slaven , , — Generative structuralism. In: Yugoslav General Linguistics ed. The social basis of language conflict and language attitudes. Contrastive analysis of terminology and the terminology of contrastive analysis. In: Languages in Contact and Conflict eds V. Ivir, D. Graphic relativity and linguistic constructs.

In: Literacy and Language Analysis ed. Language and languages: A retrospect. In: History of Linguistics ed. A problem of language identity: The comparative linguistics of Serbo-Croatian. Ahlqvist, V.

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