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I take his claim to refer to both contexts, but Washington, D. Not By Reason Alone. Ds awarded in the U.

Accessed June 20, Mapping Gay L. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, Lombrozo, Tania. Hebl, and R. Recommendation for Academia: Agentic and Communal Differences.

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So Few Women in Philosophy? Math Test Performance. Fried, and Catherine Good. Beebee, Helen, and Jennifer Saul. Bertrand, Marianne, and Sendhil Mullainathan. Market Discrimination. Rooney, Phyllis. Shiffrin, Kathryn L. Boucher, Katie Van Loo, Development 78, no. Saul, Jennifer. Page, and J. New York: Oxford of Economics : — University Press, Cohen, Geoffrey, and Claude Steele.

Aronson, — Oxford: Academic Press, Steele, Claude. Spencer, and J. Steele, and L. Social Psychology Bulletin 25 : — Spencer, D. Quinn, and R. New York: W. Norton and Company, Anders, and D. It is first important to point out the most evident social force that has led to the current disparity in higher education, Taylor and G.

There are inherent structures in Valian Virginia. This might seem like a benign Valian, Virginia. Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women. Our Walker, Margaret. In , James Meredith became Walton, Greg. At the time, Oxford had between 15, and 59, no. Wesley Buckwalter, and Stephen Stich. In only 7 percent of U. Accessed April parents against allowing their daughters to think too much. S, and G. Of course at this time, a healthy brain in a woman was not as prized as a healthy uterus.

It is imperative that we remember the past in this country in order to understand current disparities between sexes, races, and ethnicities Limits to the Pursuit of Philosophy for and do not work with the illusion that everyone has the same opportunities for education, and that the past can be Post-Traditional Female and Minority extracted from our current conditions and quarantined in Students in On-Ground and Online distant history.

Educational Modalities This leads me to an analysis of the structure of higher education itself, especially how, when, and where courses Justin Harrison are usually taught. Non-traditional students often work long hours The goal of creating equality in higher education must to make ends meet. Work usually takes place during waking begin with an analysis of the factors that have led to and hours—the same time that most courses are offered.

If that currently maintain inequality. I will be writing from the a student cannot take a class due to time constraints, or perspective of a professor working with an online student they fail a class that is only offered during a specific time body and utilizing what I have learned about students period, they might have to wait 3—12 months to attempt the working within this modality to attempt to cast light on course again. Forcing students to wait in this way leads to barriers that prevent minorities, first-generation students, lack of retention and lack of successful completion of their and women from participating in the study of philosophy.

Thus, the way that courses have typically My hope is that those who read this article will be able to been scheduled leads to unequal access to education for translate these ideas into an on-ground modality and will those who must work during the times that the courses be able to connect ideas as their campuses provide more are offered. I will ultimately argue that overcoming prevent them from successful completion of assignments. I end the paper with a cursory distribution of education to students. Physically traveling to campus why first-generation students go to college is to provide causes problems for students who do not have access to better job opportunities for themselves and the possibility dependable transportation.

Taking public transportation is of better lives for their loved ones. College is often viewed not always a viable option especially for rural students , as the golden ticket to a better life. This mentality leads these already time-poor students. A fifteen-minute drive first-generation college students to align their studies with for students with their own cars might take 1—2 hours for majors that are believed to lead to gainful employment someone dependent on public transport.

If one cannot nursing, business, K education, technology. The choice of degree program of already employed adults who are first-generation college students almost always There is also the problem of the structure of the classroom aligns with their current career. Imagine being an adult walking into a building and any degree program a student desires primarily occurs being surrounded by 18—year-olds who, on average, in families that have a generational experience of higher reflect much different ethnic and social classes than your education.

What I mean by this is that once a family begins own. It takes a significant amount of courage for many to have multiple generations that successfully complete adults to participate in such an environment. For others it is impossible. It takes a could potentially complete a college degree. Much of that generational mentality to allow for the pursuit of degrees excluded population includes women, minority students, that fall outside professional degrees.

Of course there and rural students from lower socioeconomic classes. They do not now turn my attention specifically to online students and have the luxury of pursuing something like philosophy their lack of participation in philosophy, in particular. Now because their college education is expected to result in a that students find themselves taking online courses, why career that will allow them to break free from their current do they participate less in philosophy and the humanities conditions of existence.

Many first-generation college students The reason why philosophy students in this situation are do not have the benefit that others have of growing up being considered in a negative light is that philosophers have surrounded by people who understand what college is and continually failed to make their degree field applicable to how one can successfully complete a college degree. I of economic thinking. Many philosophers belittle the am working from the assumption that participation in the pursuit of a degree as the means to the end of a job or humanities is significantly dependent upon exposure to career.

Usually this educational limitations on post-traditional female and comes from a generational perspective of appreciation for minority students. Many female students have social and all forms of learning. The first stage with 1—3 children, who works more than thirty-two hours a is that people do not participate in higher education. She is practicing excellent critical thinking for uneducated generations dedicate themselves to providing herself and her children as she marks philosophy off the for this goal.

The first-generation college student feels list of her potential degree programs.

Many hopes and dreams of previous generations can be What does this indicate to us about our field itself? It met if the student completes her degree. However, this appears that philosophy is a field that is best undertaken locks the student into specific options. A primary reason when one is young. It is not considered to be a field This is certainly not a limitation for other types of students that will lead to gainful employment.

If one wants to teach who have more economic and social freedom. However, it full time, it is highly likely that the person will need to for post-traditional students, it is imperative that they achieve a Ph. We have certainly failed to accommodate create a degree that will not only serve them in terms of post-traditional students. In this sense, philosophy is a field the skills they need to succeed in a career, but will also of study that is privileged.

Philosophers often bemoan the appear to align with commonly accepted norms about fact that people do not think deeply or pursue the life of the degrees that apply to their fields of interest. However, the field itself is impenetrable both literally here is pragmatic, and perhaps not subtle, but if one cares and intellectually for many students.

The highest levels of the academy provide the greatest academic rewards to those who pursue questions Helping post-traditional students utilize their philosophy that are interesting and intelligible to a minute subset of degrees or course of study with a view towards gainful humans. It is imperative philosophy courses align the competencies This raises the issue of the ethicality of encouraging post- mentioned above with a view towards how students traditional students to choose philosophy as their primary can utilize those capacities in their careers.

At the same degree program. Previously, I claimed that students who time, one must present the curriculum in such a manner marked philosophy off their lists of majors were practicing that it connects with students. This leads to an inevitable excellent critical thinking. This is merely from the dominant conundrum, one that our department takes very seriously.

A How does a department create a curriculum that aligns with middle-aged female student with kids should only mark the post-traditional student while also avoiding a certain philosophy off her list because of how her employers reverse prejudice in the curriculum? However, philosophy in itself, as curriculum is one that enhances the knowledge and philosophers understand, leads to intellectual benefits intellectual skills of the students while also connecting with that are priceless. Thus, promoting philosophical study what they find to be important and interesting. At the same time, we or educational field.

Philosophy majors regularly have the attempt to include various voices in the curriculum that average highest scores in GRE placement exams. They can speak to our students and resonate with them. This also do extremely well on the LSAT. Getting post-traditional students business ethics, military ethics,13 and environmental to supplement their majors with as much philosophy as issues.

Although first-generation students tend to take issues or authors that reflect their own backgrounds, and fewer courses in the humanities and arts than their peers, we develop courses that include primary readings from the benefits of these courses on writing skills and the rest classical thinkers in the history of applied and theoretical of their educations are larger for first-generation college philosophy. The in reasoning, the ability to take on multiple perspectives, curriculum needs to be explained to students to enhance fairly present other positions on issues, the ability to engagement.

It might be that students are less engaged communicate through speech and writing in an insightful because they do not recognize the importance of being and clear manner, and a sense of wonder at the human engaged. Certain philosophy and then backing up these claims with dynamic polls indicate that some employers actually prefer to hire courses that empower students through the acquisition graduates with backgrounds in the humanities and liberal of intellectual skills they previously did not have can help arts for these reasons.

This is why I claim that, for the students with will help carry them through the initial period when they whom I work, it is imperative that our philosophy curriculum are more likely to fail or drop out. However, the research indicates that creating post-traditional students is the use of philosophical thought more opportunities for extra-curricular activities and student to break through gender stereotypes.

Our students often interactions would enhance intellectual development and have specific beliefs about the roles of men and women, diversity. However, exposure to multiple perspectives an online department can enhance student participation in enhances the ability of first-generation female students to philosophy. It also works to empower these women.

Male students who Having outlined some ways to enhance and increase engage this curriculum have the opportunity to analyze student participation in education in general, as well as their own gender assumptions, and in college courses with in philosophy, I now turn to the question of how to make high percentages of women, this effect is intensified and philosophy accessible beyond the university classroom.

No lab required. No tools in Italy who met regularly in after-class support groups had required. Web-based resources such as Project Gutenburg a greater chance of first-year success as well as a better and ClassicalLibrary. With resources for free, money is no longer required, The future of education with such students might include and this is an exciting possibility for future generations of intentional support groups where adult students and first- students all around the world.

The goal of my paper is not merely to explain the limitations Faculty leaders of these groups could weave philosophical to the undergraduate pursuit of philosophy for post- content into the discussions while also guiding these traditional women and minority students. I want to outline students on their educational paths, informing them of how we might change the system such that more people volunteer opportunities and extracurricular activities that who do not have the traditional opportunity or resources to could enhance their experiences.

Philosophy courses be students have more access to philosophy. My thesis is could be a space in which previous graduates who reflect that, in order to create more equality in higher education in the diversity and age differences among the student the humanities in general, we need to create a generational body came back and explained the methods they used higher education experience for these students. Rather than to successfully navigate and engage in higher education. That is the role that arise in their own educational journeys.

As I mentioned at the Guglielmetti found that non-traditional students who took beginning of the paper, there needs to be a two-pronged advantage of the resources of the university and developed attack. Those working with new generations will take care relationships outside of class were more successful than of the future.

Those of us working with adults will take care those who merely attended lectures. In addition, they warn of the past. For the above mentioned perspective tends to lead to failure for employed students. However, including philosophy in the enhances student satisfaction with learning as well as their general education sequence and perhaps including some overall success.

Exposure to philosophy is key age and experience than their peers. In my own experience, adult students relish the opportunity to think creatively about the big questions A major roadblock to successful participation in online that philosophy confronts. They also regularly communicate learning in general is the fact that there is not a physical that they are thinking differently and engaging in thinking campus where students can engage in discourse and that has wriggled free from black and white distinctions. First-generation college students Students tell us that they are engaging their children with who participate in extracurricular activities and regular the content they study.

Engaging children can help to build peer interactions show greater abilities in critical thinking, the cultural capital that many of these students did not degree plan, sense of control of academic success, and a have in their own childhood experiences. They claim that the more diverse than men do. They could then disseminate figure. Because women have been receiving college this information through the Internet. According to this theory, the lack of a very well in terms of course completion and retention. In father disadvantages sons in these cases and leads to less addition, they have serious limitations in fields that require motivation to pursue college, leading to declining male qualitative research and human feedback in relation to enrollments.

I think most of us would shrink in horror thinking about teaching a philosophy If we transpose these ideas to the realm of philosophy in course using scantrons, and this is precisely the problem particular, we have a great way to think about what happens with MOOCs; that and they have between a 2—10 percent when adult students participate in philosophy. Of all fields, completion rate. In a in many male students, they also have the added effect of FOOC, students would have access to all the materials that empowering adult females.

Many of our online students they need and this would be provided through some sort of hold conservative political and gender identity beliefs. At the same time, there would to find reasons based on evidence to support their beliefs be real professors teaching the students and providing empowers women by providing a space in which they have feedback on the skills necessary to do philosophy as well freedom to question religious traditions and social beliefs as the learning assessments that students complete in the that have told them that they should submit to men or are course.

Faculty and students would meet in the evenings only suited for certain activities. If we move to the gender-role socialization perspective, Anyone could participate and the curriculum would be we can say that students who participate in philosophy developed in such a way that students who successfully will engage in those forms of thinking in the home. As complete one course could move on to the next this would was mentioned above, students regularly tell us that they allow students to take breaks as needed in response to are talking to their children about philosophy while they life circumstances and know exactly where they stand in take their courses.

When parents engage in philosophical relation to program completion. The curriculum would reasoning with their children, the children will be be scaffolded in a fashion that promotes development of introduced to thinking that does not often take place in lower-level skills in intro courses and then intermediate most typical grade schools and high schools. Not only does and higher-level skills as one moves through the program.

This could also contribute to the generational learning that I am examining in this paper. In order for there to be academic job opportunities for When parents have gone through a life with less education philosophers, philosophy must remain exclusive. It has to and then experienced one with more, they are more likely hole up behind literal walls so that all people cannot engage to push their children into higher education. Education it. It must shroud itself in dense and pedantic language to contributes dramatically to economic and intellectual prevent most of those who engage it from understanding liberation.

It creates the conditions for its own existence. Only a few more options for future generations. However, if this is the people have the opportunity to study it, and of those few, case, then what does this say about how philosophers have fewer still have the patience and capacity to understand it. It seems that we need a revaluation Therefore, it exists for only the select few, and then these of philosophy itself if we are to allow for more equality.

Why field itself. All it takes is a group of opportunities for those who have been excluded to philosophers committed to providing these opportunities participate. In its current form, higher education is to students for free. The blending of degree for anyone who wants to take it? Terry T. The traditional higher education whether it is on-ground or researchers found that students with family incomes of less than online will always have a limiting factor: money.

Students from families with incomes between to redefine what it means to be a successful philosopher. Jerry A. In an analysis lower levels. Philosophers need to redefine philosophy to of students who are mothers of young children, Jacobs and make it more pertinent.

How has religion marginalized women?

They need to focus on developing Berkowitz King found that, while motherhood negatively impacts dynamic curricula, pedagogy, and andragogy. They need student of all ages, it has a much more detrimental impact on mothers twenty-five years or younger compared to those who to consider that being a high quality philosopher means are older than twenty-five. They need to advocate for philosophy in high schools, philosophy in grade schools, 8.

Pascarella et al. Of course specificity. They found that towards the goal, the process of even refining our vision of students who studied in majors with low occupational specificity that goal, is what is meaningful and what could contribute tended to lead to greater levels of occupational mobility. While to a more just and fair society. In a survey of Ashford students, 64 percent of all students specificity provide more opportunities to contribute in various who responded identified themselves as female and 72 fields in an effective manner.

I am working from the assumption that students who learn While we do not maintain employment and intellectual understanding in spite of the demographic data on the percentage of first-generation college prejudices that exist inherently in the systems in which they work students, For example, a claimed that their mothers had a high school diploma or less minority female who becomes manager at the grocery store education.

The stocking clerk. The key to sabotaging an unjust system is to get authors found in a study of non-traditional Italian students in the rebels past the gates. It percent of employed students with part-time jobs dropped out. Assuming too much about what will 3. Kasworm suggests that personal anxiety about older In a survey, Ernest T Pascarella et al. Hanson, S. Journal of Higher Education 75 : The authors claim Flansberg, and M. Mauthner New This leads to lack of understanding in relation to the importance York: Palgrave Macmillan, Employment seems to have more of a negative effect anonymity.

Gary R. Pike and George D. The FOOC concept does not have to limit itself to post-secondary education. One can envision a series of courses that relate to At the same time, some male students become even further philosophy for children and philosophy for teenagers. Exposing entrenched into their original belief systems. Many kids, the author included, never realize that philosophy Black Studies 34 : Similar activities that extended beyond ethnicity Buchmann, Claudia, and Thomas A.

Academic Achievement. Gilardi, Silvia, and Chiara Guglielmetti. Goode, Joanna. Pike and Kuh leave out the fact that students get to engage with professors who demonstrate high levels of cognitive function Hanson, Katherine, Sundra Flansburg, and Marianne Castano. Mauthner, 87— Gordonsville: Palgrave Macmillan, Due to space limitations, I am not able to broach difficulties in An excellent article Herndon, Michael, and Joan Hirt. This holds important Journal of Higher Education 77 : — Kasworm, Carol. Blood relatives as well Pascarella, Ernest T. It is my opinion that these findings apply not only College Students: A Comparison on Their Engagement and Intellectual to Black children, even though that was the sample group of this Development.

Critical Thinking as Valued Capital. That being said, only 17 percent of single and Family 66 : — In addition, education had more of an impact on single fathers than single mothers, and African American single parents both men and women had lower labor income than their white counterparts. Zhan and Pandey conclude that these Humility and Feminist Philosophy discrepancies are caused by racial and gender discrimination in the American labor market. Nancy J. Holland And vice versa, I might as a critique of traditional philosophy a problematic add—I argue in the book that Baruch Spinoza, one of the undertaking.

This transcendence—the unknown and unknowable background debate, like the others reflected in that first book, has, of of existence—and a recognition and awareness of the course, long since fallen out of fashion. Yet, if you look at contingency and chance that influence the course of our the literature in feminist philosophy since that time, you lives. In Ontological Humility,3 I argue that a second divide way time, place, etc.

Note that this is not a religious have so little appeal for many of even our most talented reading of Heidegger—based on his own attacks on what women students. After that I will briefly return to the explains how we exist. Paradoxically and perhaps regrettably, a L. But if some of these philosophers were aware philosophical stance that acknowledges the limitations of of their own ontological humility, if not under that name, human intellect and will, and the randomness of both our why does it remain unthematized in their work?

And, in the subsequent history of European science, that the ideology underlying contemporary western culture not to say western thought as a whole, that is what trees structures and facilitates the exploitation of women and become. Even the most specifically masculinist form of ontological arrogance, sexist of thinkers a category Heidegger might arguably so that refuting and restructuring the one demands the fall into cannot evade this implication of his work if he refutation and restructuring of the other. Frye herself undertakes a thorough-going philosophical critique of the does not limit the discussion to the modern period, but in western tradition from a position of ontological humility.

As Frye says, of other groups. So he must believe that he can, at least in principle, and distinguishes it from the adversarial debate that is the understand everything. We inherit from two millennia of Christianity a concept of humility In Racism and Sexual Oppression in Anglo-America, Ladelle that is nearer to this servility than to Kantian wonder. American colonies was not initially based on race, since What kind of scorn would a philosopher who preached or English indentured servants worked side by side with promoted humility have been subject to?

One thinks of slaves imported from Africa. Nor was slavery motivated by Kierkegaard here. Ontological humility allows us reliance on intelligence and psychological testing. She structures of domination. Martin Heidegger, Basic Writings, ed. On epistemologies of ignorance, see Nancy J. Below are three attitude-types to guide this consideration: 9. Heidegger,Basic Writings, Frye, The Politics of Reality, 70— Skepticism—This attitude is characterized by a general Emphasis in original. Skepticism can Elizabeth in its constituency. Haldane and G.

Patricia Hill Collins, Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, presents a problem for the integrity of the department, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment New York: the field, or its body of knowledge, but inadequate or no Harper, , — Acceptance can range from Hill Collins, Black Feminist Thought, Heidegger, Basic Writings, Hill Collins, Black Sexual Politics, 8. Affirmation is an active attitude If compelling, this argument should lend picture of the dynamics of these theories and systems. Thus in the latter situation the shock arises not merely from A society is not a collection of individuals, but the simply alien but from the alienated familiar, a system of positions.

To be a member of a the presentation of the old from a new angle. It society is to occupy a prestructured social space is this kind of inversion of perspective that is and to find oneself already related to others most characteristic of alternative epistemologies. Such bodies of knowledge reflect methodologically One shortcoming of the integration rationale is its uncritical inadequate practices due to a systematic omission orientation to the power-standing of the educational or neglect of nontrivial experiential data sets i.

Thus, the integration rationale remains complicit 3. The remedy to the material consequences biased, unproblematic selection criteria, and, more to the point, incomplete, or inaccurate epistemological claims the additional criteria are largely presumed not indicative of such systematic methodological inadequacy in of individual academic merit e. As many of us are aware, opponents of affirmative action often argue against the integration 5.

Therefore, the appropriate attitude for philosophers rationale by explicit appeal to this sort of supremacist logic. This is situated experiential insights and expertise. However, it viewed as a necessary step in order to address the material still fails to identify as prima facie problematic the theories consequences of longstanding, social-historical inequality of knowledge and selection criteria that have resulted in treatment.

In other words, the integration rationale from such longstanding, systematic exclusion of nontrivial represents the problem as a matter of fairness and social experiential data sets i. In this respect, it, too, may be regarded as of acceptance. When exposed to in the classroom—has been proportionately an idea of ours—or an idea from some literary source compromised.

Therefore, academic fields that boast the buzz words problematically, as signals to engage in a most longstanding homogeneity in hegemonic member thoughtful, critical meditation on possible causal roots participation would need to address the epistemological grounding these dismissals e. An IV. The empowerment-based approach explicitly affirms epistemological shortcomings.

The empowerment-based approach explicitly prioritizes The empowerment-based rationale makes appropriately the affirmation of traditionally undervalued factors of explicit who is giving special consideration to whom in individual student merit out of mezzo and macro level the selection process. When a nontraditional or minority epistemological and methodological concern for the applicant gives special consideration to the diversity field itself versus mere appeal to social justice concerns problem in philosophy, that individual does so with on behalf of the individual applicant.

So, as an example, when the issues hospitable professional climates. Additionally, here are my initial responses to three specific 3. If a department already has a reputation of providing a concerns raised in response to the empowerment-based less than hospitable climate towards issues such as the approach as it has been elaborated thus far diversity problem a department of skeptics! What if a member of an underrepresented social group prioritize diversity recruitment and retention?

From experience, I can say this: it feels like recruitment initiative? And this is an important really stands for the Society for Women Against Philosophy point to stress, especially early on. Recent studies suggest that a significant drop off faculty and peers that I know support me and my concern in women and minority participation in philosophy over diversity and department climate issues, to become happens at the undergraduate level, but it is not clear a chief recruitment representative for the department, to that this proposal adequately attends to that data.

My point?

Edited by John Hedley Brooke, Russell Re Manning, and Fraser Watts

Whether you empowerment-based rationale exclusively to graduate are one measly graduate student or the chair of your student recruitment or faculty hiring. Moreover, I do to allies in the philosophy community as a potentially not need to wait on data to tell me what seems to me the promising strategy to employ in conjunction with other, very obvious fact that young people are much more likely similarly motivated efforts in order to solve the diversity to imagine themselves successfully engaged in whatever problem. For it, unlike the integration rationale or the professional capacity when they see others who look and diversity rationale, explicitly prioritizes the effort to sound and think like them already successfully doing so.

In what follows, we outline our amended process 1. The revision of our search processes is framed by two 2. Charles W. Mills, Blackness Visible: Essays on Philosophy and important principles. As Sally Haslanger has philosophy explicit and defuse them, establish contexts where argued, perceptions about who will be readily recognized as women philosophers and philosophers of race are valued, and a philosopher are prey to a host of historically and culturally establish contexts where feminist philosophy and philosophy of race are valued.

I am grateful to an anonymous reviewer for drawing my attention to these concerns with the empowerment-based approach as it stands in its current form. Second, we recognize that the performance of a job candidate within a search is malleable. What we as a hiring department do and the conditions for candidate performance we establish can influence how well a candidate will perform. More globally, we recognize that stereotype threat is an abiding risk for candidates from Sherri Irvin underrepresented groups.

This need to recruit and retain members from presently risk will, moreover, be aggravated where stereotypes are underrepresented demographic groups. In an effort to render In accord with these assumptions regarding implicit bias our hiring processes as fair as possible, we recently revised and stereotype threat, in revising our hiring procedures our procedures to address these issues. The basic outline we aimed to minimize the operation of implicit bias in of our process remains the same: A search committee our evaluation of candidates and to engineer conditions reviews dossiers in order to narrow the search to 10—15 favorable to strong performance for all of our candidates.

Faculty need not agree over myriad II. The reasons for this include that seek to enact these principles within the search is the fact that the dossier contains the most complete body crucial. Consequently, be useful in encouraging a diverse pool of applicants. This may be particularly important for departments in which A. Pacing the current faculty research areas are more homogenous, Some of our procedures regarding the vetting of dossiers for such a statement can signal candidates whose work are quite straightforward and simple.

Because haste resides outside the prevailing approaches within the in reading can increase the likelihood of implicit bias department that their applications are nonetheless Valian , ch. Likewise, where a department may have available for review of dossiers. In our job posting, we interests in underrepresented areas of philosophy that are set a sufficiently early deadline for receipt of application not a formal part of the advertised AOS, signaling these materials that the department can reasonably pace its interests in the advertisement can be helpful.

One of our work. Likewise, since our search committee members worries is that there may be areas of philosophy that are so are responsible for the initial screening of candidates, we underrepresented or marginalized within the discipline that adopt an informal policy of protection from other service candidates with interests in these areas may feel it prudent for search committee members in order to maximize the to conceal or minimize their interests.

Consequently, time they have available for careful review of application alerting candidates that in addition to the advertised AOS, documents. Finally, our department has a standing the department would additionally welcome an AOC or Recruiting and Diversity Committee whose members are teaching interest in, for example, philosophy of race, feminist available to the search committee throughout the search philosophy, or Asian philosophies is a way to promote the to assist and advise as needed.

The committee assists by job and department to candidates who otherwise may not performing specific tasks, discussed below, best handled apply or might minimize their presentation of interests in by faculty not directly involved in the search. By handling underrepresented areas. More generally, the Recruiting and diverse candidates can also importantly send signals to Diversity Committee serves as a resource should questions the department itself.

In devising the advertisement, the within its ken arise. Collective affirmation that B. Establishing Criteria the department does encourage diverse approaches to, A key desideratum in efforts to address implicit bias is or areas of, philosophy can set the stage for the search, developing clear job criteria and applying these to all helping to orient faculty toward goals that include diversity. Where criteria for a Likewise, once the advertisement is drafted and published, job are nebulous, informal, or unclearly weighted, they are it operates as a formal commitment that can serve to more likely to shift as a reader proceeds from application remind faculty of their own collective aims and guide their to application.

See section II. F below for further a continuous check and reminder to encourage uniform discussion. This will signal a commitment to fairness, make review. As noted above, dossiers contain departmental needs. There are, however, some general elements that can operate as triggers to implicit bias.

Even criteria that we find useful in most searches. Some are where we do not consciously register that a candidate quite basic—for example, evidence that the Ph. Self-consciously attending to potential bias include, for they guard against steering a search away from triggers within the dossiers—those subtle and unsubtle what the department, prior to its consideration of individual apparent tells that may indicate information about a candidates, established as its goals in hiring.

Because maintaining awareness sample, evidence of research strength e. Likewise, candidates may be considered Before dossiers were vetted by our search committee, in terms of their capacity to contribute to diversity within members of our Recruiting and Diversity Committee not a department e. While these specific charge of identifying and flagging any dossier that are samples of the sorts of criteria we have found effective, contained potential negative implicit bias triggers. Faculty reviewing dossiers were encouraged to be especially mindful to guard There can, it should be noted, be complicating factors against haste in reading flagged dossiers and to give them in developing and employing criteria in the evaluation a second reading, both strategies for minimizing implicit of candidates.

Most basically, there are many legitimate bias in evaluation. Because reading dossiers with the ways in which individual faculty members may disagree aim of identifying potential bias triggers is a complicated about relevant job criteria or how they ought be weighted business, let us outline how we proceeded in doing so. Such disagreement need not, however, be a barrier to employing this strategy for In identifying potential negative bias triggers within minimizing bias.

Where no consensus regarding the relevant dossiers, we eschewed drawing any conclusions regarding criteria or their weight exists, each individual reviewing the social identity of candidates. That is, we recognize dossiers ought have her own list of criteria and thereby that there is a substantial difference between drawing guard the uniformity of her individual evaluations. While criteria ought be in a reader. Since our aim was only to identify dossier uniformly applied to candidates, the effect of this should elements that might trigger bias, our listing of potential likewise be monitored.

Thus, for example, if the application negative bias triggers included any and all triggers we of a pre-established set of criteria has the consequence could identify. Shifting we thought carefully about what metrics to employ and criteria are a worry, but this ought not supplant awareness how to construct the list itself. We judged it important not of the complexities of implicit bias. As discussed below, simply to note that a dossier contained potential negative for example, letters of recommendation can exhibit the bias triggers, but to identify something of the nature of implicit bias of their writers, so a set of criteria that heavily these triggers, specifying whether a dossier contained, privileges letters may incline the search toward replicating for example, triggers tracking gender or triggers tracking such biases.

Consequently, a careful eye on the results race.

Re-visioning Gender in Philosophy of Religion

We simply do not know enough about how implicit yielded by employing any particular arrangement of criteria bias operates to be confident that triggers for one species and their relative importance is necessary. Screening for Potential Bias Triggers effective in guarding against any. We thus wished, insofar Even with reasonable pacing and clear criteria, we think as possible, to avoid flagging potential bias triggers by it important to enact particular methods of engaging with appeal to a generic list.

Again, to emphasize, philosophy, disability theory, Africana philosophies, Latin we do not know whether such biases operate similarly, American philosophies, Native American philosophies, and and whether guarding against one would effectively guard Asian philosophies. In consequence, we devised our list to include some specificity. While our principal purpose in flagging dossiers for potential bias triggers is to try to shield these dossiers Our first and most basic focus was to create a category from implicit bias, having our faculty attend to them with that would apply for any dossiers containing indications additional time and care, it bears noting that the process that a candidate may belong to a demographic group itself is valuable.

Considering the myriad issues attached underrepresented in philosophy. For this, we used the to this effort and engaging in shared discussion about following metrics: our aims brought to the fore of our hiring efforts a greatly enhanced consciousness about the risks and complexities 1.

Gender: used for dossiers for candidates with apparently of bias. Reading Dossier Elements A second way in which we sought to manage our 2. We discussed as a candidate belongs to any racial or ethnic group other faculty and incorporated into descriptions of our hiring than non-Hispanic white. That is, apart from 3. LGBT: used for dossiers containing triggers that may be guarding against our own implicit biases, we recognized taken to indicate a candidate who is not heterosexual the need to be aware of how implicit biases could or is transgender.

For example, empirical studies have shown that letters of 4. Disability: used for dossiers that contain triggers recommendation can exhibit significant differences that that may be taken to indicate a candidate who has a break down along gender lines, with letters for women disability. Our sole aim was to identify what plausibly might trigger bias in readers. Our field tends to favor presentation or publication lists.

We find it important not to bluntly material more directly on its merits. Candidates who have not yet accumulated such small department that cannot delegate the work of selecting assets, but who are producing excellent work identified finalists to a search committee that is much smaller than its through reading of their anonymized writing samples, full faculty cohort. Authors may disclose elements of their social identity within their E.

However, as we revised our search may trigger biases about that area or about the people procedures, we decided to include neither in-person who tend to work in it. For these procedures to work nor Skype interviews at this stage. There are notorious effectively in reducing bias, it is important for the search difficulties with the quality of information one receives to proceed in the context of recognition—and reminders from an interview.

The ability to tend to serve as profound barriers to entry for members perform well in such situations may give little indication of of underrepresented groups. Evaluators must be vigilant in how well the candidate would perform in more job-relevant questioning negative or lukewarm reactions they have to tasks.

In addition, interviewer behavior may create unfair writing samples that may be triggering unconscious bias, dynamics: Dougherty et al. It might be beneficial, that confirm their first impressions of a candidate, for before assessment of dossiers begins, for the department instance, by showing more positive regard to candidates as a whole to prime awareness of these issues by reading whom they favored prior to the interview.

The data most relevant to future job performance are G. Ranking the Campus Visit List contained in the dossier submitted by the candidate, but As a search proceeds to the stage of the campus visits, we impressions left by an interview, in part because they are so consider it important to anticipate the ways in which direct vivid, can end up overriding the more reliable information in personal contact with candidates can alter much about the decision-making process. We judged that the time and the process and subsequent deliberations.

Because quite nebulous social factors can at this stage easily exert an undue influence F. Anonymizing Writing Samples on evaluation, we seek to establish our own self-imposed Although we recognize that many risks of implicit bias obstacles to such influences. We thus request that when might be reduced by completely anonymizing dossiers, our search committee delivers its list of candidates for the logistical and time constraints of a search bar readily campus visits, it present this as a ranked list.

Where the doing this. However, we do make an effort in this direction, search committee cannot agree on a ranking, we ask that focusing on what we judge an especially important each individual member of the committee have his or her element of the dossier: the writing samples. Once our own ranked list and indeed encourage all faculty involved search committee has resolved upon a list of 10—15 in the search to do this.

There may, of course, be good tenure clock adjustment possibilities may elicit concern in reasons for re-ordering the candidate rankings after the a candidate about betraying personal information or a life visits, but the initial ranking, based solely on the dossiers, plan he or she would prefer to remain private for fear of provides an important stimulus for the department to its exercising a negative influence on our evaluation.

We query just what in the visits has prompted any revised wish to avoid placing candidates in such a position and evaluation of the candidates and thus better guard against consequently ensure that such information is conveyed as inadvertently giving way to any biasing elements produced part of a regular checklist of items to address.

Moreover, by the visits. Put simply, where minds are changed by the we convey that this information is routinely supplied to campus visits, we want to both recognize that they have all candidates, to guard against, for example, women changed and stimulate ourselves to query carefully why. As a search moves into the campus visit stage, our aims and concerns necessarily expand. Where implicit bias is the risk C. On-Campus Interviews we seek to avoid in our handling of candidate materials, One element of our campus visit is an interview session the visits entail the need for continued attention to this with the candidate that traverses issues regarding coupled with close attention to the performance conditions research, teaching and pedagogy, and general features we establish for our candidates.

With respect to the former, of our department. We consider having a standard format striving to achieve uniformity across multiple candidate for these interviews important for maintaining uniform visits is our principal strategy. Because each candidate within evaluations we must make. With respect to the latter, our the search is responding to the same set of questions, goal is most basically to provide an environment that does we avoid the peril of some candidates receiving more not disadvantage any candidate.

The search we also must proceed sensitive to differences in situation, committee conducting the interview is likewise responsible the ways in which, for example, the demographics of our to maintain a uniform format for all interview sessions— majority male and white department will refract differently for example, settling in advance upon whether follow-up through the experience of different candidates depending queries will be allowed,19 who among the faculty present upon their own identity features. The procedures outlined will ask questions, and in what order discussion will in this section are efforts to regulate for both of these proceed.

First, because quick facility A. Inviting Candidates for Campus Visits in answering questions can be unreliable as a criterion in We recognize that candidates may have needs that can evaluating candidates and, at any rate, the campus visit affect the success, or even viability, of elements of the provides no shortage of opportunities for the candidate to campus visit.

Instead, all candidates are provided pregnant candidate may need additional and more frequent with the list of the questions in advance of their visit, breaks than we typically provide. Consequently, we follow with each candidate given the questions on a schedule our invitations for the visits with an inquiry regarding any ensuring that all have an identical lead time to consider such needs.

This inquiry, it should be noted, is made by them. Second, we try to ensure that the audience for the faculty on our Recruiting and Diversity Committee who interview reflects the diversity of the department, because identify themselves as such and who are not on the this is valuable in its own right, because it helps make search committee. Our reasoning is that candidates will our department more attractive to candidates who value feel more at ease about announcing their needs, and less diversity, and because it can aid in containing the risks of concerned about detrimental effects on the assessment of stereotype threat for some candidates.

To the extent that their performance, if given the signal that the department the demographic composition of our department allows, is committed to diversity and invited to communicate with we strive to ensure that no candidate is interviewing under faculty less solely focused on the vetting process. Giving Candidates Information the interviews and participate by asking some of the A standard element of the campus visit is a meeting with questions. We recognize that students from underrepresented demographic groups.

In particular, which we treat diversity issues. Job Talk A. Soliciting Additional Information Our job talk arrangements largely mimic those we make Our graduate students and, to a lesser extent, for colloquia. In our department the job talk is the most undergraduates are often involved in various aspects high stakes element of the campus visit, however, so we of our searches, attending open events such as the manage it more closely.

We assign a member of the search job talk, hosting meals including a meal during which committee to chair the session and moderate the question the candidate meets only with graduate students , and and answer period. The chair is charged with ensuring that escorting candidates. We believe that feedback from discussion maintains a constructive tone and moves at a students following a campus visit should be actively reasonable pace, and that questions are asked by a diverse sought with the understanding that their interactions with a array of people, women as well as men and graduate candidate can sometimes have a very different flavor than students as well as faculty.

One of our goals obvious risks, such as prolonged follow-up queries that risk in hiring is to recruit faculty who not only will work well with bogging down discussion. Consequently, E. History Law Linguistics Literature. Music Neuroscience Philosophy Physical Sciences. Feminist Perspectives on Natural Theology. The Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology. Read More. Subscriber sign in. Forgot password? Don't have an account?

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